A cruelty-free beauty brand that believes you're perfect just the way you are.

Say hello to PERF babes. PERF is short for perfect and we're a worldwide team of babes united in a super squad, club and team to score the winning goal in this game of beauty.


In an imperfect world the idea that we can be perfect seems a bit bonkers we'll admit. But conventional beauty marketing was set out to make you feel less than perfect. It was all about planting seeds of self-doubt and comparison with your fellow babes. It still is to be honest.

But here at PERF we believe it's time to make a change for good. We believe beauty is skin deep and every single human and animal is a babe that has been fearfully and wonderfully made. That's why every product is made with buckets of love and only organic and plant-based goodness. We hand make each product in our little studio in the heart of Scotland and work with charities in Edinburgh and London to help spread some goodness through beauty.

Every month we run beauty workshops with two homeless charities to help women feel empowered to make a positive change in their lives. You'll be surprised how a little feel-good goes a long week. And over the next year we'll be training some of these awesome women into employment.

Our Ugandan turmeric powder and oils come from the heart of the Gulu region on the country. Working together with local women we help put back into their local community and uplift the people of this beautiful land to celebrate their diversity. And back here in the UK our limited edition products are designed by female designers and artists to make you smile, every time you receive a PERF delivery.

So in a world that tells you that you can't be perfect we're here to set a higher standard for our babes. We shout for the babes who understand it's what's inside that counts. For the babes that understand accepting themselves from the inside out is the biggest win to toxic, patriarchal beauty standards.

Remember you're beautiful babe, and all our products do is help bring that inner beauty out.

"Be ye perf."