Perfect, organic,

vegan skincare + haircare.

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Hi babes.

Welcome to our cruelty-free beauty team. 


We're PERF. A global squad of women, men and children who believe in  celebrating the inner & outer beauty in everyone.

It's what's inside that counts for us and our products are handmade in Scotland from the finest organic plant-based ingredients.

Because beauty really is skin-deep all of our products help empower a global community of amazing babes.

We're proud to support Ugandan women in the province of Gulu, who harvest our organic oils.


And we deliver monthly volunteer beauty workshops with homeless communities in Edinburgh through the amazing charity work of Streetwork.


Every three months you'll get a new beauty lineup to score a winner in your lifestyle game and every collection will be uniquely designed by a super fly babe. 


Thanks for choosing to be team PERF and remember that we're all babes regardless of what anyone would have you think.




Sophie x

Founder & Head Babe


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Best Seller

Sauce Pot Babe Bar

Because beauty standards suck, we're encouraging all our PERF babes to embrace who they are deep within their soul and set a new standard for beauty.
Our drops feature tropical and plant-based mashups of skin buddies who will have you shouting hallelujah in your bathrooms.

Select from organic bananas  or organic tomatoes, organic sunflowers or organic geranium essential oil, we believe that every person is uniquely perfect and every product made is all about celebrating your uniqueness.